Tiger Mom

In this picture are loving displays of laptop computer games, X-Box controller, Garfield showing in the background, and Christian's favorite book. Don't overlook the trampoline, where we have our movement break..

I’m not sure if it is possible to be a Tiger Mom to a son.  But, I’m pretty sure I am not even close.  In fact, the closest I may have come is making Christian copy down his own cheat codes for his video game or making him earn his Dark Orbit money.  

But, it does make me wonder what kind of mother I would have been to a girl.  I imagine that I would have been hard on her.  I am generally intolerant of anything that I consider to be female weakness, anyhow.  Among female weaknesses, I include helplessness, dependency, and sensitivity.  Among males, I raise an eyebrow at evidence of laziness, neediness, or inaccuracy.

Maybe the difference between raising a male and female is my recognition and tolerance of the early formation of these traits.  I definitely know what they look like in a girl at any age.  Somehow, I have an intense need to protect my son’s ego.  I ignore the subject altogether.  Maybe that’s just the chemistry of mothers and sons.


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